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Welcome to My Chemical Romance 100.

This is a community in the nature of malfoy100 & msi100.

Membership here is open to all livejournal users. You don't have to post on every topic every week. You will find adult material here. Watch your ratings please. Any adult content should be behind a cut with a warning of the contents in the header (see below).

New challenges are posted every Wednesday by one of the mods. Responses to each challenge can be posted until the next challenge is posted.

No off topic posts allowed. Only challenges or community information (posted by the mod) and drabble responses are allowed. That means no advertising.

Posts should have the title(s) of the drabbles in the subject line. For multiple drabbles, please separate the titles in some way. (EX: Drabble Title A / Drabble Title B / Drabble Title C) If you don't have a title, mark the drabbles as Untitled. If more than one untitled drabble is in a post, please number or letter them. (EX: Untitled 1 / Untitled 2 OR Untitled A / Untitled B)

Please include a header like this one for each drabble in the body of your post...

Title: I think it's obvious what goes here
Author: That would be your lj name
Word count: should be 100
Characters/pairings: should include a member of MCR
Challenge: Also obvious. Each challenge will be numbered and worded to identify it, either is fine.
Authors Notes: warnings, subject matter, etc.

About the posts:
*Please only post to the current challenge.
*Icons are allowed as part of the current challenge. They must be 100x100 and on theme.
*Band crossovers are allowed.
*The posts should have a member of the band in it or be focused on one of the members. Partners are allowed but they are NOT to be the focus of the drabble.
*Chaptered drabbles are allowed. That means each 100 words can be part of a whole but must be able to stand alone.
*Please cut your drabbles if you post more than two at a time, leaving the header information out of the cut.
*Your drabble should be 100 words. This is a drabble community. To me, a drabble is EXACTLY 100 words. There lies the challenge... telling something in exactly 100 words. If it is an image it must be 100x100.
*If your post does not adhere to the rules, it stands a possibility of deletion.

Word count:
Titles and the header don't count. Anything actually in the meat of the message does. In other words, only the actual drabble counts towards the word count. Words like 'a' and 'the' count. Hyphenated words can be considered as one or more, depending on how you count them.

If you like something, we encourage you to tell the author/artist so. Constructive criticism is most welcome. We want to promote improving the quality of authors'/artists' work. Flames, however, will not be tolerated. If you do not know the difference between constructive criticism and flames, then perhaps it is best that you stick to the if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all approach to feedback.

Please don't come down on an author for a pairing used. That includes slash. If intolerance is your style, then perhaps this is not the community for you. If you don't like a pairing used, don't read the drabble. It's very simple.

Challenge suggestions:
If you think you know of a great weekly topic for us to try, then go to the suggestion box and submit it. If we use your topic, you will get credit for it.
Old challenges are kept in here

Further questions or comments or troll issues should be directed to the current mods mcrcondoms or leave a message here.

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